Pamela Mar

Fung Academy

Pamela Mar is the director of sustainability for the Fung Group, and director of supply chain futures at the Fung Academy. Her work focuses on using technology to drive sustainability and performance enhancement in emerging markets. Previously she worked as the director of finance at TCL Multimedia Technology, based in Shenzhen, and associate director for Greater China at the World Economic Forum, based in Geneva. She has published four books and a number of journal and media articles.

Articles by Pamela Mar


Asia’s Factory Workers in an AI-Driven World

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The age of AI and automation is upon us. This may be music to the ears of technologists, businesses, and investors, but Asia’s factory workers will be severely affected when computers and robots take over labor-intensive jobs. To help workers navigate the new economy, governments and businesses should invest in social safety net programs and education.


The Human Face of Factory Automation

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The fashion industry's supply chain no longer meets the expectations of society and business stakeholders. More digitalization promises to bring more efficiency and transparency. But fashion factories must also foster an open culture that encourages learning and that engages workers in the process.