Yoshikazu Kato and George Lwanda

Asia Global Institute

Yoshikazu Kato is an adjunct associate professor at the Asia Global Institute in The University of Hong Kong, a columnist for “The New York Times” Chinese edition, and the author of “How Will China Democratize?” (Diamond Press, Japan, 2015; Hanul, South Korea, 2018)George Lwanda is a policy and program adviser at the United Nations Development Programme Regional Service Centre for Africa, and a 2018 AsiaGlobal Fellow at the Asia Global Institute, The University of Hong Kong. He is an alumnus of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation’s Governance for Development in Africa program. The views expressed in this article do not represent the views of the United Nations Development Programme or the Asia GIobal Institute.

Articles by Yoshikazu Kato and George Lwanda


China in Africa: Practicing Diplomacy as a Great Power

Thursday, December 6, 2018

China’s strategic approach to foreign policy has changed, and governments need to reorient to this new reality. A look at its actions in Africa reveals how China is employing its status as a great power on the diplomatic stage.