Xiao Kunbing

Xiao Kunbing

Southwest Minzu University

Xiao Kunbing is an associate professor in the School of Anthropology and Sociology at Southwest Minzu University in Chengdu, China. Her research interests include anthropology of food, tea, wine, and coffee culture, and the tea trade in modern China. Her book Materials, Spaces, and Histories: Tracing the Circulation of Tea in the Mountainous Region of Northern Fujian (1644–1949) was published by Beijing University Press in 2013. Her second book, Strolling through the Flora: A Historical Anthropological Study of Ancient Tea Plants in Guizhou, was published by Guizhou Renmin Press in 2013. Her third book, Anthropological Observation on Tea, was published by the Ethnic Publishing House in 2020. Xiao has also contributed work to Sixth Tone, The Paper, Sanlian Life Weekly, and Foodthink.

Articles by Xiao Kunbing

Population & Society

China’s Food Culture is Changing – Why it Matters

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

A chronicle of current food trends and the danger of bifurcation into two systems – one focused on low cost and value, the other on nutrition and quality.