Queenie Mo

Queenie Mo

Lux Creative Hong Kong

Queenie Mo is board director at Lux Creative Hong Kong Limited, a bespoke fine art and fine luxury lifestyle service revolutionizing fine art into “phygital” assets, also traditional private sales in fine art. Queenie’s previous professional experience includes management consultancy in finance at Accenture for Fortune 500 clients, as well as work with NGOs and on government-investor relations (PPP projects), fintech, and SME global procurement practices. She has served as committee director at the Hong Kong Power Youth Association, which supports youth in building products and services and fulfilling their dreams.

Articles by Queenie Mo


How NFTs are Transforming Culture, Society and Financial Investments

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Skeptics have dismissed NFTs as absurd, while enthusiasts call them the wave of the digital future.