Keith Loveard

Keith Loveard

Journalist, consultant and author

Keith Loveard is an independent consultant, researcher and journalist, who has spent 30 years reporting on and analyzing Indonesia. He is the author of Indonesia: Dividing the Spoils – Economic Growth and Social Equity in Modern Indonesiapublished by Uwais Inspirasi Indonesia. After an early career in Australia, he became Jakarta correspondent for the Hong Kong-based news magazine Asiaweek in 1990, a position he held for seven years. His first book, Suharto: Indonesia's Last Sultan, was published by Horizon Books in 1999. A spell as a freelancer followed and in 2002, he began work with the Indonesian Department of Trade and Industry, where he was speechwriter for the minister, advised on public relations strategies, and developed the country's first promotional website. On the change of government in 2004, he joined Concord Consulting as editor and senior analyst, retaining these positions until his retirement in 2019. He lives with his family in Gianyar, Bali.

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Indonesia’s Struggle to Balance Growth and Social Equity

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Standing in the way are historical and systemic obstacles, not least corruption and environmental decay.