James Workman

James Workman


James Workman is founder of the public benefits corporation, AquaShares Inc. Jamie designed and developed the world’s first online water credit trading platforms, building resilience from California to Morocco to Mexico. He was founding editor of the International Water Association’s magazine The Source, senior advisor to the World Commission on Dams under Nelson Mandela, and White House-appointed speechwriter to US Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt. Beyond hundreds of articles and essays, Jamie is author of the award-winning book Heart of Dryness: How the last Bushmen can help us endure the coming age of permanent drought, and Water: Diminishing Resources. He is co-author of the forthcoming book Replenish the Earth: Groundwater governance from the bottom up, and Sea Change: The fishermen’s revolution that is rebuilding life offshore – and on. Jamie has developed and taught new courses on natural resource conservation at Wesleyan and Whitman colleges. But his real education came from blowing up dams, releasing wolves, fighting wildland fires, guiding safaris, smuggling water to dissidents, getting stuck in the middle of Africa's Kalahari Desert, and becoming a husband and father (not ranked in that order).

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The Rebirth of “Decentralized Water”

Thursday, June 8, 2023

Asia can slow and reverse rising water scarcity back into abundance by adapting its own ancient endemic governance systems for today’s modern urban networks