Cao Nanlai

Cao Nanlai

Renmin University of China

Nanlai Cao is professor of religious studies at Renmin University of China in Beijing. His research projects have centered on transnational religious and trading networks, church-state relations, state-business relations, and the religious-economic dynamics of Chinese urban life. After graduating from Peking University with a degree in sociology, he was trained as a sociologist of religion at Fordham University and then did his PhD in anthropology at the Australian National University. He is author of Constructing China’s Jerusalem: Christians, Power, and Place in Contemporary Wenzhou (Stanford University Press, 2010) and co-editor of Religion and Mobility in a Globalizing Asia: New Ethnographic Explorations (Routledge, 2013) and Chinese Religions Going Global (Brill, 2020).

Articles by Cao Nanlai


China’s Intensified Private Commercial Engagement in Africa

Thursday, November 11, 2021

There is growing evidence that private Chinese entrepreneurs operating in the continent do benefit from their connections with the Chinese state.