Tom Divon

Tom Divon

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Tom Divon is a PhD student at the Department of Journalism and Communication at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. His research focuses on digital culture, platform affordances, and user-generated content. Specifically, he explores TikTok's socio-political subcultures and their potential for education in three areas: TikTok users' engagement with history education, TikTok users' performative combat against antisemitism and hate speech and TikTok users' memetic participation in nationalism-driven conflicts, with a focus on Palestinian resistance.

Articles by Tom Divon

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The TikTok Takedown and the Collateral Damage of Performative Politics

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Calls to ban the social media platform have turned the political landscape, particularly in the US, into something of a theatrical spectacle