Sebastián Contín Trillo-Figueroa

Sebastián Contín Trillo-Figueroa

2020/21 AsiaGlobal Fellow, Asia Global Institute, The University of Hong Kong

Sebastián Contín Trillo-Figueroa is a 2020/21 AsiaGlobal Fellow. He is a lecturer and lawyer, specializing in European law and institutions. Born in Spain, he began his professional career in the private sector, moving into public service in 2007, when he was elected to political office. During his 13 years as a city and regional politician, he was known for fighting against corruption, denouncing the misuse of public funds, and promoting the need for good governance and higher ethical standards in politics. Contín earned his law degree in Spain (completing his final year in Italy) and started doctoral studies, obtaining a diploma of advanced studies in commercial law. He holds a master’s degree in European law (LLM) from the College of Europe in Belgium. He participated in the IESE Business School’s leadership program for public management. He is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian.

Articles by Sebastián Contín Trillo-Figueroa


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